One of my favorite topics to discuss with photographers involves photo editing workflows. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited to grow our Photo Editing Workflow Series on the Learning Center. I’ve practiced photography for over 20 years—a fact that makes me cry a bit on the inside when I realize how old I’m getting—and I’ve used more photo management and editing apps than I care to admit. Although, in a way, I was able to refine my photo editing workflow to a state that suits my individual needs. What’s more important is that I’m never actually done refining this workflow.

I often get asked which order I recommend using our applications. Some of the more common ones sound like:

  • Should I use DeNoise AI at the beginning before making any edits?
  • Does it make sense to use Sharpen AI and then use the sharpening sliders in Lightroom?
  • Is it better if I crop my image first before upscaling it with Gigapixel AI?

While our fantastic Customer Support team provides helpful guidance on using our apps, I approach this topic more subjectively because it is impossible to factor in personal taste and preference. For example, we often advise sending your photo to DeNoise AI towards the beginning of the editing workflow. That guidance may yield results that you find favorable. Conversely, I prefer applying luminance noise and color noise reduction towards the end of my editing workflow after correcting tone and color. I’d never know that I like this workflow if I hadn’t tested it out for myself. And that’s the main point: try several variations to your workflow and spend time analyzing which one(s) suit your needs best.

And you shouldn’t just take my word for it. We recently invited photo educator and Topaz partner, Matt Kloskowski, to share his wildlife photo editing workflow. Like me, Matt has spent years evolving and refining his processes to a point where every app serves a specific purpose and is used in a particular order. Be sure to leave your thoughts on Matt’s workflow and whether you have your recommendations in the comments below. And don’t forget to fill out the form below to try all three of our Image Quality apps below!

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About the Author: Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash serves as Product Marketing Manager for Topaz Labs and manages the Topaz Labs Learning Center. He is also a photo educator and author, with his work being featured in dozens of international publications. Learn more about Brian by visiting his website.
Published On: September 13th, 2021 / Categories: DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Photo Editing Workflow Series, Sharpen AI, Tutorial /

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